Sunday, October 6, 2013


Well it has been a while since I had time to breath let alone time to write up the blog but today I have made time - mainly because the weather is threatening rain.

Since my last post we have had a considerable amount of rain which caused both the Mason and Waiau rivers to run very hard, fast and full. The Terns nesting rituals were interrupted with a bang as the island they had chosen was covered in water - again. Just when it looked like the weather had stabilised, it is threatening rain again but I hope it won't be quite so bad this time.

Two of the group attended a great workshop on Conservation management of native birds in braided rivers run over 3 days by BRaid. We learnt so much and were given so much information we both came back raring to go and get the traps out. Unfortunately we had to wait for the rivers to drop before we could get out and finally managed to get the first 10 out last Thursday. It was all hands to the traps and with the help of a Quad bike to do the heavy carrying we managed to get them out without incident. We issued a public advisory that the traps were going out in the local weekly newsletter and have had great feedback since with people saying someone should have done this years ago. If only they had.

I am hoping to get out this week and see if I can find the Terns. The Banded Dotterels, Pied Stilts and South Island Pied Oystercatchers are all busy on the Mason. If the weather holds I might get a chance to check for nests this week as well.

It is going to be very hard waiting for the time to pass before we can check the traps but patience is a virtue  and I will just have to wait.

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