Friday, October 18, 2013


 We are just recovering from some really bad weather with high winds and lots and lots of rain. The Waiau river spilled its stop bank in one place which made for some early morning phone calls and some hard work by our local contractor. The Mason which wasn't quite so full provide some gravel to fix the hole. The poor old birds must be having a very frustrating time as every time the start to mate the rain comes in and disrupts everything.

The rivers are finally dropping and hopefully the good weather we have had for the last 2 days is helping the birds food supply replenish. It is supposed to be settled for the next few days, so I will hopefully get out and see if any of the birds are still around.

We did manage to get out and check the 10 traps we got down before the rain. Despite the weather we had a result of 2 Pacific Rats and 1 Hedgehog for 16 trap nights. We just need to get some more traps out.


  1. Good work you are doing there.
    Noticed in your previous photo's of laying of the traps.
    It appears you are hiding them in the scrub, while that is good to keep them from being nicked, you will have less chance of catching stoats/ferrets. If you can put them right on the edge of scrub/cover.

    1. Thanks for the comment rabbithunter83.
      We would like to be able to place the traps nearer the edge but they have been placed to avoid being washed away. Unfortunately the water in this area quite often over flows and we had to place the traps back slightly to try and avoid them being washed away. Luckily on the other side of the river we will be able to put them closer along a ridge. We are all new to this so any help anyone wants to give is more than welcome.

  2. Go down to Code A8. You may have already seen this but maybe a help

  3. Thanks for that - it's downloading as I type. We are always grateful for help.