Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Finally 2 of us got down on the river today and found our Black fronted Tern Chicks.

This is one of the groups there is another one down stream from the township.

There were at least 50 chicks in the group we saw today the photograph below has at least 30 chicks in it - so well camoflaged they are very hard to see.

Just down a little were a bunch of Pied Stilts. No chicks visable but each pair had a chick when I saw them from the Jetboat so I guess the chicks were just keeping out of the Nor'wester that was blowing.

This is why we do what we do. Next year we are hoping the river behaves and lets us control some predators for them. Having said that the the birds seem to have done very well without any help. It would be nice to know how many birds actually nested. Next year is definately a much earlier trip in a Jetboat.

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