Wednesday, October 1, 2014


 It's that time of the year again and the Waiau Rivercare group are gearing up for a busy  

The Black Fronted Terns (BFT) have been arriving for about a month and the traps have all been repositioned and set and are ready to go.

Down on the Mason this morning there were 6 Banded Dotterels visable, 2 Pied
Oystercatchers and some BFT's flying up and down the river.

We are putting traps out on the Waiau for the first time on Sunday. The farmer below the
bridge on the Rotherham side is willing to have and look after the traps for us which is a big bonus. We will also extend the Mason River traps down onto the Waiau on the Township side and later on we will try and get some traps up stream to the area that the Black Fronted Terns nested last year.

Now all we need is the Black billed Gulls.

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