Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Well despite rain warnings we have a beautiful day and I took the opportunity to get down on the river to check for new arrivals.

 Banded Dotterel
 Banded Dotterel arriving
South Island Pied Oystercatcher

After walking down from the Mason river bridge I eventually found one Dotterel on the Mason but just up from the Waiau. As I was standing there the one in flight arrived. It's a long way back from the North Island.

The South Island Pied Oystercatchers (there were 2), Were in the same area as last year so hopefully will nest again.

They were extracting gravel on the south side of the Waiau but the terns seemed unperturbed and were busy flying in front of the bulldozer picking up grubs. Others were settled on a gravel island just in front of where they were working.

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