Saturday, August 24, 2013


A stunning day yesterday saw me on the south side of the river taking a walk.
Apart from some beautiful views nothing much around but I ended up stopped by some earth works that had been carried out probably by a local farmer protecting his fields. I got up level with the first bluff on the Rotherham road. I could have scrambled over the earthworks but thought discretion was the better part of valor as I was on my own. If anyone fancy's a walk in the near future let me know. When I check out the map when I got back the area appears green with a swamp/wetlands marked up, so I guess that I will either have to get through it or walk up the other side of the river.

There were a lot of tracks of various types. Some of which were definitely predators but a range of different bird tracks as well. Unfortunately I don't know enough about tracks to work out which was which. I think it is an area for future study.

When I got back to the area where the Mason enters the Waiau the Black-fronted Terns were still settling on the island in the middle and joining them for the first time this year were the Black-billed Gulls, just 6 at the moment but happily sitting on the end of the island. This would be a great place for them to nest as it normally survives most inundations and is relatively protected by the fast flowing water on both sides. It would also be a relatively easy place to put traps down.

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